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Myrtle Beach TUNE UP FOR YOUR AIR CONDITIONERThere are many reasons why a home may sit empty, anywhere from a couple of weeks while you go on vacation, or for several months at a time if you’re trying to rent out the property in today’s real estate market chaos.

Unfortunately, many homes that sit empty also don’t have any method of ventilating the humidity in the air. Which can cause a lot of structural damage inside the home. Drywall warping, texture peeling, popcorn ceiling peeling, and more can mean quite a bit of damages that cost plenty to repair.

These problems are easy to prevent, but a lot of property owners don’t understand how important it is so they leave the home closed up and vulnerable for humidity damages.

Moisture damage can be devastating to the building materials inside the home because they are supposed to be protected from moisture exposure.

The roofing, siding, windows, doors, and flooring of the home are built to keep exterior rainwater from getting in, yet in certain areas of the home there are still spaces where moisture can infiltrate.

But all it will take to get rid of the problem is leaving the HVAC system on while the home is empty, whether it’s just for a couple of weeks while you’re on vacation or the home is empty while you’re trying to get it rented out or sold.

Also, if you have some ceiling fans, you can set them on low which will also stir up the air and help with drying it out.

But your heating and air conditioning equipment need to run efficiently, and that means you need to have it serviced. It’s not only a good idea for ensuring its proper function while you’re away from the home and can’t monitor for problems, but it’s also going to be important for your tenant or new buyer to know they have a unit working at peak performance this summer.

Air conditioning tune ups will ensure your system runs great. Many parts are checked, lubricated, and cleaned. Refrigerant levels are tested, and many other parts tested so you know what needs repair.

In doing this one small service for your air conditioning system, you’re ensuring that while the home is empty you’ll have the right ventilation in the home.

You also have the option to upgrade the thermostat. Today’s thermostats can be remotely controlled and monitored on many models. So keeping the air set and ensuring it’s running right can be done from any location. This will give you better control while you’re not able to observe the home or check on the air in person.

Don’t leave your valuable asset sitting empty without ensuring you have some ventilation going! Instead, call for a tune up service, get the entire system ready for the season, upgrade the thermostat, and then you’ll have nothing to worry about while the home isn’t occupied.

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